If you have questions, we have answers! Below you will find answers to common questions about Electronics and Electricity training, Telecommunications Technology and why it is important for Technicians to get trained, why they need to gain knowledge in their field why they need to update their skills in the Wireless and the telecommunications field.

#1. Why should a person get training and education in their field?

Ans. The employee who receives the necessary training is more able to perform in their job. A completed training class gives the person additional tools and knowledge that strengthens skills in their specific field which each employee needs to improve. A training course which brings a greater understanding and ability to “APPLY” the technology provided, will certainly development a person to a higher level so they become much more capable on their job, gain greater skills and has greater knowledge in their field. Thereby, increasing their value to any company.

#2. Technology is quickly changing and the Telecom companies are changing their platform of business activities. How will this effect Technicians in the field today?

Ans. ALL major Telecommunication companies have evolved away from copper infrastructure and basic phone service to much more advanced technologies such as various “Cloud” platforms and “Integration with Content” platforms of conducting business to meet the public demands, i.e., Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and 5G wireless technology advancements. If Technicians do not evolve and gain knowledge in each of these fields, learn how these technologies work and learn the new skills required of them in the field for the new platforms, then they are likely to find themselves left behind and seeking other fields of employment.

#3. Why is it Important to take a class that offers Skill Codes?

Ans. As the Telecommunication industry changes to fewer Technicians and moving towards Wireless technology and faster speeds through Fiber Optics, the present Technicians are required to learn new Skills and abilities. This is proven and Skill Codes are obtained through specialized Telecom training classes with “Approved” Skill Codes that upon completing specific courses of AmeriSkills, a Techinician may add up to twelve (12) Skill Codes for a single class and these Skill Codes can be can be added to their personnel records.

#4. Why is it important to take a class that offers a Certification through the ETA?

Ans. Most industries, including the Telecom Utility companies, have recognized the need to verify that technicians had sufficient training in industry standards, including troubleshooting techniques, knowledge of test equipment, and installation procedures. The ETA Fiber Optics Certifications (Fiber Installation & Fiber Technician), Wireless, as well as the Basic Electronics, FCC GROL, Certified Electronics Associate (CETa) and other certifications relating to Telecom daily duties are vital certifications for today’s Technicians offering evidence of their knowledge and abilities and value to their companies. (www.ETA-i.org)

#5. How much time does AmeriSkills training classes take and how does the class schedule work?

Ans. Normally each class has ten (10) classes, two evening classes per week. The schedule is normally Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur, four hours per night. Classes start after work at the time each group requests at each garage; start times are flexible 4PM thru 6PM.