FCC General Radio Operators License (1 & 3)


This 40 hour course prepares the student to take and pass the FCC GROL Element 1 and Element 3 exams to earn the FCC General Radio Operator License. The exam is proctored in class by an FCC licensed instructor. The GROL is required to operate and repair aircraft, ship and other radio communications equipment. Earning the license demonstrates evidence of the student’s knowledge and skills in the field of radio and electronic communication. This course requires pre-course knowledge of the basic algebra, geometry and trig math concepts used for calculating A.C. reactance and impedance values, for calculating phase angles, and for the polar and rectangular conversion processes used to represent these values. However, these math concepts and their applications are also quickly reviewed in class.

Element 1 provides a review of the terminology, operating procedures and regulations for maritime applications. This includes equipment testing and inspection requirements, call frequency use, distress call signals, order and priority of calls, station log responsibilities, identification of phonetic alphabet, and all terminology and definitions related to these items.

Element 3 reviews basic electricity and electronics principles and components, types of radio waves and radio wave propagation, practical communications circuits, decibel power calculations, antennas types, and all terminology and definitions related to these items.

The GROL allows the holder to operate, maintain or install certain classes of United States licensed radio and television transmitters under authority of the Federal Communications Commission. The license also conveys all of the operating authority of the Marine Radio Operator Permit. The GROL is issued for the lifetime of the licensee.

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Duration: 40 hours

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