Electricity and Electronics Fundamentals


Learn Entry-Level Electricity and Electronics Concepts

This course is designed for individuals who want to gain entry-level knowledge of basic electricity and electronics concepts. This includes individuals with no prior electricity or electronics background or experience. This course provides students with entry-level AC, DC and digital principles fundamentals knowledge. This course reviews fundamentals of series and parallel circuit theory; introduces Ohm’s Law relationships between voltage, current, resistance and power; teaches identification and characteristics of AC and DC signals; and teaches identification of common circuit component symbols and functions. The course requires pre-course knowledge of the math concepts used with series/parallel and ohm’s law calculations, and it also reviews the fundamentals of numbering systems and number system conversion. This course satisfies knowledge and skills requirements needed to pass Digital Technologies Skills Assessment type tests. Students who complete this course receive a Certificate of Training from MiraCosta College.

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Duration: 40 hours

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