ETA Certified Fiber Optics Installer


This course provides students with working knowledge and skills in fiber optics communications theory and hands-on installation techniques. The student will emerge from this course with a practical understanding of how voice, video and text data are converted to light pulse energy, and then multiplexed and transmitted over optical fiber links. Theory lecture includes a short history of fiber optics construction, optical fiber characteristics, safety concerns fiber optic cables, and fiber optic light sources and optical receivers. This course focuses on both long-haul trunk application as well as residential broadband applications relating to Fiber-to-the-Home, Fiber-to-the-Node, and other FTTx broadband technologies. Installation skills are taught via in-class connector terminations of optical fiber and splicing exercises in a hands-on lab environment. All lab skill tasks meet requirements for the ETA Fiber Optics Installer Certification. Satisfactory completion of the lab requirements and passing of the in-class ETA FOI exam will earn the student the ETA Fiber Optics Installer Certification. All Students will also receive a Certificate of Training from Miracosta College.

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Duration: 40 hours

Certificate Offered: ETA Broadband Fiber Optics Installer Certification

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