About Us

At Ameri-Skills, education and training is student-oriented. We offer high-quality technical knowledge and skills training in the areas of Broadband Data Communications and Broadband Telecommunications. We offer vocational training with an understanding that our continuing existence and business success will always depend on how well we meet the needs of our students. We offer “Technology Training for Tomorrow’s Jobs”!!!

We are

  • military veterans
  • experienced telecomm specialists
  • degree’d technical professional
  • experienced business owners

We have all the ingredients we need to relate to the challenges you, our students, face on a daily basis. We will provide you with the quality skills and certification training you need to meet your career goals.

For all that we have accomplished, we are fully aware that our achievements stem from the goodness and greatness of this wonderful country, and we are determined to give something back. Therefore, in total support of our veterans and active duty and reserve troops; and in complete awareness and understanding of the everyday concerns and problems faced by today’s telecommunications workers, we pledge to you that we will always strive to be an example of sharing and giving back to today’s American workers. We will do our part to bring America back to its greatness and glory, and we will do this through a commitment to our motto… “Technology Training for Tomorrow’s Jobs”.


Our world has evolved from nomadic societies, to agricultural societies, to an Industrial Age and to what we are today…the Information Age. Today, information and networking technologies transfer the information that drives our economy, but more and more the human resources that install and maintain our information networks comes from abroad as we continue to see the marginalizing of our American workers through the outsourcing of our jobs to other countries. We want to help end this trend.

At Ameri-Skills we are focused on supporting America’s investment in the broadband infrastructure by offering high quality knowledge and skills training in the areas of telecommunications, electronics, data communications and fiber optics. These are the areas that support broadband. We believe these initiatives are vital components to the resurgence of our economy. We also believe that technical skills training in Broadband Telecommunications is a critical component to the restoration of our job opportunities and our environment. We’ve not only seen, but we’ve experienced the evolution of communications and renewable energy technologies. We bring our experience to you.

Our Philosophy

We at Ameri-Skills came from the telecommunications company; we spent most of our adult lives at the telco performing the very jobs you are performing today. Not all training companies can truthfully claim this. We understand the difficulties of today’s industry workers; overtime, childcare, off-shifts; even the difficulty of attending class after a long hard day of work. For this reason, we bring the training to you at your workplace so that our training is as convenient as possible with location, and as flexible as possible with schedule. Our philosophy is that the more convenient and flexible we are, the more comfortable the student and the more enjoyable the learning process.

We also make sure that our instructors understand your difficult days, so we hire only instructors who have proven their energy and their enjoyment of teaching. We make sure our instructors are themselves energized and motivated from seeing the “light bulbs” turn on over their student’s heads. Our instructors MUST enjoy teaching and they must demonstrate this to us before we place them in a classroom.

Our goal is to help you learn and to support you in every way we can to help you reach your goals. Our philosophy? We can, and we will, help you succeed.