This 40 hour course covers the technologies and advancements made from lG, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and now the new SG networks. The course begins with a comprehensive understanding of mobile wireless communications technologies with an emphasis on SG. The basics of Radio Frequency (RF) signals, modulation and multiple access schemes are covered along with the structure of RF networks. An overview of LTE and the role it plays in SG networks is presented. An in-depth·look at SG technologies, network infrastructure, and business case deployment strategies are presented in this course.

The student will emerge from this course with a practical understanding of:

  • Mobile wireless communications systems and technologies, how they evolved, and the differences between the generations of mobile communications from lG thru 4G
  • Radio Frequency (RF) communications theory and the modulation and multiple access schemes used to convey the information carried over RF frequencies
  • What Long Term Evolution (LTE) is, how it operates, the services it provides and the relationship to 5G
  • What 5G is, how it operates, the services it provides and the benefits it offers over LTE and 4G
  • 5G deployment case studies and strategies

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5G Wireless Communications